CHICAGO-The Endocrine Society (ESO) is hosting its annual celebration Endocrine Eradication Day (EV) in partnership with the California Association of Endocrinologists (CA-E) the California Taftkin Center for Service and the Walk for Heart and Bodybuilding sponsored by Sonoma CA Taftkin. The Celebration will take place on Thursday January 29th 2020 at 10:45 am PST from Los Cabos Health Center in Los Angeles California where CESOs leadership are the two CA-E pastors.

The mission of EV is to recall and celebrate the end of the hormone-shifting hormone osteoclast hypertrophy (HSHT) which occurs when there are too many cells making the hormone ineffective in the muscles to meet the bodys demand. Surprisingly SHT is a fairly common occurrence in young men without hormone deficiency which means more people may likely be affected by it. Examination of skeletal muscle yields genetic data showing two thirds of SHT cases are men with a mutation in the X chromosome gene XLR2 protein (PRDM9) whose family background is unknown. In this sense the prognosis unlike other SHTs in which the cells are functioning normally may be low. Additionally the genetic dysregulation has been studied in bone marrow cancer by the Eshel Institute for Research in Diabetes and Aging (ERID) at Berkeley (California) Medical Center in conjunction with other studies conducted in Group 2 diabetes.

EV will involve a host of guests and will feature 10 presentations to the theme of Give Hope a Second ChanceGreater than Food: Experiences with the Food Industry Third World Center and the Science of Delta-2-glucuronidase (DGL)Elimination SyndromeAging and Heart DiseaseThe EV may run for 12 hours. There will be presentations focusing on the nutritional insufficiency in the postmenopausal and postmenopausal population life-style and osteoporosis. Participants will be assisted by members of CESI and with speakers by EA. A good number of experts will be on hand to answer questions about the root causes of many diseases. Details are available here. In addition many professionals are expected to give oral presentations completed at CESI.