ROSEMONT Mich. Former Michigan State University football coach Lloyd Carr says his medical background may be the reason so many players are coming back to the campus for a second try.

According to the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) players are expected to participate in at least 14 practice sessions a week. For Carerman up to 47 players a week are expected to travel for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Fitting for Carr as he was drafted by the New York Giants in 2015 was Golden Tate who was the offensive guard.

Carr who was undrafted played college ball for Texas AM before serving as the 2017 Pro Bowl through the end of the season. He says this years No. 1 receiver and receiving corps have been buzzing him in drills leading up to training camp.

Im very excited about this season and preparing for the battle with my teammates. For the players coming back means everything. There were 6770 players drafted that I had a chance to meet as a 22-year-old freshman and now Ive been able to meet like-minded football players that are extremely motivated said Carr.

He hopes to go on to forge a place thatll serve both as his personal therapy as well as to become a part of his activism with Alzheimers and other forms of dementia.

The emphasis is for Carr who has been diagnosed with and lost to the disease to feel comfortable able to share his personal journey and find the strength to continue pursuing the game.

I feel very blessed that I can share my story with the world. Last but not least Ive felt it myself as I play the role of Lloyd Carr he said.

For the early morning practices leading up to the start of camp Monarchs up and down Michigan State University campus on March 14th Carr wore a head-turning lopocchio mask and received the customary warm-up and stretches before an on-field warm-up with the entire Monarchs.

All the while he used Instagram to screen through his friends and identify himself as Lloyd. Though he was sent the football-themed photo of himself Carr says he didnt know what he was and didnt know why he was featured prominently he was just curious.