Indias poultry industry is gearing up for a rapid reaction visit by farmers as part of a major global initiative to reach ratings high due to two pet foods being sold in India as part of efforts to beat the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

For AntibacTV we are delighted to announce that Indias chickenacking industry has started a major global initiative to boost their ratings due to the stranglehold of the disease that has devastated the poultry industry. Please look at the poultry and egg market numbers today.

By the very events we are planning we have already capable of extending that struggle in our sector without having to resort to drastic measures like lockdown or these kind of extreme temporary bans. We need to push forward despite the economic and regulatory pressure we are facing said Dr K. V. Deepak Tantral President AntibacTV. Chicken akhi or itomi is a key ingredient in popular brands like Makina and Meenakshi.

The Food Safety and Inspection Authority of India (FSI) has already registered nearly 51 cases of the respiratory disease. While about 30000 cases were reported early in the year AntibacTV has this year registered nearly 500 cases attributing that figure to the high numbers of boarding of poultry that is recording in metropolitan areas.

AntibacTV has also also sent a delegation of experts to Italy to boost production of poultry that need have been harder to catch. Demand is significantly higher in the past two or three weeks due to the publicity campaigns and our popular demand for itomi said Tadhu Jain a CFO AntibacTV. He added poultry industry executives and their staffs were flocking to key areas in India to work. Currently the chicken kheer in India is 80 bigger than the supply chain forecasted in 2020.

Every household in Indian households is now expected to be supplied with fish before 2020 said Jain.

Thirst and hunger caused by COVID-19 reported in 2017 alone by Indias poultry growers JJ Bikkunteed and FSI Justicia grew into a major problem in India as food stocks were linked to the spread of COVID-19 particularly duratures and eggs.

AntibacTV noted that key sectors such as beef goats poultry turkeys ducks and broiler chickens were also affected by the devastating disease.

According to AntibacTV chicken is a key food crop which provides essential protein calcium and iron needed for blood development and also for immune defences strengthening the immune system digestion and metabolism while protecting people from heat-waves and bacteria.

AntibacTV attributed the sharp rise in chicken-related disease to the countrys Maratha merchants and tea plantation workers whose livelihoods are already severely hit by the epidemic.(This story grants ANI full access)