ROCHESTER Minn. – Vince H. Hargan M. D. M. H. S. Willit H. Davis M. D. and Jerry T. Farnish Jr. Ph. D. G. P. C. were recently elected by the Board of Directors and FASA Leadership Leadership Council as the 2019 National MaleSilence Program Leaders. The capacity of the program to enhance ability of men who have been silenced to speak for their own voices and their ongoing inquiries into the issue was announced at the 41st Annual Meeting of the FASA in San Diego Calif. Hargan and Farnish were elected by the Board of Directors and Leadership Council as NMBP Leaders for a fifth consecutive four-year period. A fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and Science their term looked to increase participation and popularity of the program.

Hargan who is also editor of Prevent Stroke and is a professor of epidemiology and neurology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine serves as program director and is responsible for engaging the program members and keeping them engaged in rigorous education and research relevant to the patient population of the institution.

We are excited for the opportunity to lead the National MaleSilence Program and see it grow and reach its full potential said Dr. Hargan. Many factors have been added to the program during funding including our deep expertise in the field of male silence which is of increasing interest to female physicians. We believe this work will positively benefit our organization and help increase knowledge in the topic. As NMBP Leaders Dr. Farnish and Dr. Hargan have an important role to play in supporting and evolving the program. Together as a brain-loading facilitator Dr. Hargan can direct what these two important voice supports each to focus on a specific topic of interest going away frequencies.

The program also intends to engage medical students and nurse practitioners through unique interactive discussions workshops and educational multimedia available to participants caregivers and programs that will be developed to enable men to speak up and share their experiences.

We are thrilled about this opportunity which will allow us to expand our talking points and broaden the scope of the program said Dr. Farnish. It the National MaleSilence Program would not have been possible without the tremendous support of our faculty caring staff and of course the donations of our for-profit support.

Our efforts would not have been possible without our fantastic support from the students and members of our local network of support organizations said Dr. Farnish.

The program launch was facilitated by the founders and founders of the several schools including Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) whose leaders are high-performing academically-level faculty yet who also meet the rigorous physical and mental diversity of the patients and staff. Funded by the Mind and Life Sciences program VUMC opened in January 2014 and boasts over 1400 students spanning 20 academic medical centers.