Britain has required its citizens arriving in 28 European Union countries to keep coronavirus testing in place for two years but health ministers were not able to agree on how to proceed in some other countries.

Slovenia Croatia Greece and Britain announced plans to do away with mandatory testing by provinces saying they would start the process in 2024. Another Czech Republic plans to do away with tests altogether.

The Czech Republic is preparing to relax a one-size-fits-all approach declaring on Tuesday tests could be tailored to the needs of each region.

Welsh and Welsh-English Government had preferred to extend mandatory tests to all EU countries until 2025 but Slovenes and Dutch dared to insist on independence for their countries.

Billups Johnson Scotland who is pushing for a Scotland-wide uniformity for England told a TV interviewer that all member states are making proposals for mandatory health checks.

The UK government is not sharing their plans. But what Ive been saying all across the world is that we should do that together because the way that European policy makers are going about it could be undermining the whole model he said.

Across the whole of the United Kingdom that would mean a 30 increase in police numbers in England he said.

In the European Union Britain is imposing a 45-day mandatory quarantine for travelers arriving from a country with high coronaviruscase rates.

Luxembourg and Poland have already departed those measures saying mandatory testing could be extended once more. Croatia will extend it indefinitely. King Stefan Skaletska who has powers over matters of health policy has not decided yet.

Croatia has replaced country-wide tests so it is unlikely rules will be scrapped health minister Adam Vojtech said in a televised news conference.