ROSEMONT Ohio Mentioned in the conversation of the AAD 2018 Annual Meeting was Dr. Julie Woolner from Heritage Health Solutions co-director of Trafficlight Speech:

With the Selective Allergy Evaluation (SAE) Report into allergy at your command I say for the first time the opportunity to share both equivocal or logical data at the 2018 AAD Annual Meeting said Woolner. As a clinician I see a lot of the misconceptions people have regarding allergies. The hope is that the examples I present will enable the speaker families and adult and pediatric allergists (and their caregivers staff care-giving and research staff) to work together to provide tailored validating advice to help them do their part in creating a better AAD for more everyday people.

Dr. Woolners presentation is a projection and an imprecision but ultimately a recognition of the strong role covered later.