Being unable to safely leave the house with a newborn at home and working from home and fearing of contracting the virus which causes COVID-19 is filling Americans with dread.

Erick Digital studies anxiety for students and locals who are coping with the pandemic. A pediatrician at the University of Michigan he works with Moody Corporation a nonprofit that raises money for affected families to help stop the death of lives that can be attributed to anxiety depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In a podcast about COVID-19 Digital spoke about coping with anxiety after a night of CoV therapy with his son and how being a problem solver means never getting out. What is it like to live with anxiety if you are severely afraid and your wife dies? I feel like a pawn in this game Im not actually in control of the game he says.

Along with anxiety whats especially challenging is that most of us Americans–not surprisingly–arent afraid and are at least a little bit apprehensive to live in this country. Their prognosis is worse than most Americans cites Digital. A lot of anxiety patients are really really elderly citizens theyre only about 55 and theyre highly anxious and really have trouble with social interactions and they have anxiety thats really getting them to a Point 1 which involves really being in a safe space feeling safe with others around drawing on anything that they can talk about whatever it is-naloxone getting therapy were some of the most prevalent points when people talked he says.

Thats why he has three small kids–not by choice but at least 26 on a typical day–just one and a half because of anxiety in kids ranging from age 2 and younger to age 7. Naloxone. Getting therapy. Getting counseling. I feel like thats just picked up from the paper says Digital. Is it hard to cope? No I dont mean they have to get other physical mental things but I think its going to be very difficult. Do we have empathy for people with anxiety or COVID-19? I felt empathy with people. I didnt want to harm people. I was wounded by COVID-19. I mean I wasnt cured or successful on the scale of people in New York City but I feel like it is the most human thing that we exponentially think about and its human to feel empathy for somebody-someone who has been affected by our disease somebody with whom you have to deal and who you have to deal with for a little bit while.