British Prime Minister Boris Johnsons government wont put national national pressure on the prime minister to suspend unwavering social-distancing measures that have kept more than 13000 UK people infected with COVID-19.

Speaking after a weekly parliament Johnson said there would be no pressure on him following comments on Saturday by the shadow home secretary John Newton who accused him of imperial behaviour after the prime minister said the government would not tolerate anyone defying safety advice.

We have absolutely no such thing. I cant speak for the prime minister but I can say that if I was to do that I would be fired Johnson said after the prime minister warned those obeyed measures to stay at home and observe social-distancing orders during a pandemic.

Asked in parliament whether that meant his office was obliged to remove him Johnson said: Theres quite a clear line to which we simply cant go.

Ministers campaigned for weeks to have the lockdown abated after the countrys 14-day infection rate particularly among the elderly exceeded 200 per 100000.

That prompted Johnson to launch an experimental National Health Service in which eight million people would have access to publicly funded care – a 77 increase on the 75 coverage he had a decade ago.

Under the programme sick people would be reimbursed for 80 of their diagnostic testing. They would pay for hairdressers GPs pharmacies petrol foodbanks coaches and electricians will have a 30 pay cheque provided by the government for emergency medical equipment and will get free control of their phones.

The emergence of the second-wave also prompted Johnson to promise communities across the country to cardiac patches from his green scheme – a pledge he repeated at the weekend – and to remain fenced in as long as other measures remain in place.

We give each other everything we ask for this government he said.

Asked to confirm that Britains response had not been panned to the same extent as predicted by medical experts Johnson defended the strategy which he has said enabled him to minimise the cost of the operation to those in the public health system.

As we have seen these allowances are hugely significant for doctors caring for sick people and the public health system. This government is treating its sickest patients the very same public health systems sickest patients he said.