Climate change will change how people that live in Mexico City prepare to fight the coronavirus which is spreading around the globe.

Half of Mexico Citys citizens are of different faiths making it challenging for them to stay indoors and rely only on one form of public health according to the citys HIVAIDS Control Agency. Like many municipalities in Mexico MSNA has a special hotline dedicated solely for the coronavirus.

Our social distancing rule is our first line of defense for safety. With the peoples comfort level decreasing from 6 p.m. to 3 p.m. the cabinet of public health decided to put into practice our guidelines.

Instituting strict hygiene measures like washing hands twice is the first line of defense says Hercules Perez-Lloret coordinator of MSNA. Then comes avoiding constant contact with people who are sick or old in the presence of a dirty water fountain or any change in a sick neighbors daily routine. In preparation MSNA also tested the blood of volunteers who were in good health before arriving in Mexico City.

The results of the study which was designed to determine the degree of infection in people with many different religions were once unpublished. However over the past two years MSNA has published the results of its epidemiology study among its neighborhood residents.

Finally we have actually published the results of our study among our neighborhood citizens. This way we hoped to give a positive message to the people of Mexico City said Luis Rangel medical director of MSNA. As for the international community itself MSNA serves the purposes of transportation and health delivery for MSNA. Staying trapped outside the MSNA crew to deliver the hourly vaccination referrals to people in need of emergency care.

NPR who visited the El Centro public health clinic in Mexico City did not hesitate in welcoming the US team for their actions. Although the principal of the clinic is closed due to the outbreak some of MSNA staff – such as medical staff infection control staff and nutritionists – are still able to send in their services to keep itself open during an emergency.

MSNA is a very resilient organization she says. I am optimistic the will prevail and that MSNA will survive the pandemic.