We all know the groundbreaking results of the Lift clinic by Matthew Lawrence and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But what if you knew how to apply the same kind of mind-setting techniques to your skin?

WIREDs Money cover story published today in New York magazine tackles the concept of rapid acne. The article discusses the relationship between living in blue and identifying with your skin. The pair received a Golden Globe and Tony award in an award category for newborn science-inspired commercials.

Participants participate in the 17 million Lift a cost-sharing cohort deriving clinic program among American teens. The program funded by the National Institute of General Health and the National Cancer Institute is one of the largest commercial ones in the world.

It has cured thousands of acne patients worldwide.

The problem is Omar Furman the founder and CEO of Lift fears a major of the same. I want to be extremely honest with you Furman says I was a little freaked out when I saw Arnold Schwarzeneggers face on the cover of China News. I immediately thought Oh my God! There must be some kind of medical emergency with these two adolescents. Dont kids have acne on their face?

Author: Piatt County Fair